SOLO Bag 115 fits 4-1/2" hole, 35/box

MTi Group BlastBagTM plugs have transformed their look and simultaneously the market to facilitate the first ever single hand deployable, dual speed BlastBagTM.

MTi Group BlastBagTM plugs have transformed their look and simultaneously the market tofacilitate the first ever single hand deployable, dual speed BlastBagTM. The fully patented latch is the first of its kind and works inall temperatures from extreme heat to extreme cold. No other bag on the markethas rivalled the usability and reliability of the NEW Solo BlastBag from theMTi GROUP.





Todays gasbags have two things in common; they all have a similarstyle of latch and they ALL can have reliability issues in hot weather. TheSolo BlastBag from MTI Group however is different as it utilizes a first inaerosol latching technology. The latch has a horizontal plunge mechanism with adual orifice trigger indent. This means that there is no deformation on thelatch and therefore at different temperatures the activation force for latchingis consistent. Gone are the days where caps fall off cans, dont latch,discharge at different rates and snap. These problems of the past are addressedwith the Solo BlastBag.

Notonly do the bags always latch, but before latching, you are able to choose yourinflation speed. This allows you to consolidate your inventories by not havingto carry a fast and a slow product line. The Solo BlastBag does this all inone.


As the name suggests Solo highlights the ability touse the product with one hand, this is particularly advantageous when splashbagging or capping - a huge advantage to anybody in the field.

Thehigh visibility top allows users to easily identify bags located in the collarwhen plugging for vehicle access - an idea from a Shotfirer for shotfirers.This revolutionary product enhancement has also increased the strength of thebag by 40%.

TheNEW product branding also displays all relevant information pertaining to useand safety clearly on the bag in accordance with the relevant Standards. Eachbag is clearly marked with its designated hole size. Again, MTi Group are thepioneers of these product improvements set to make the life of a shot firerinfinitely easier.

TheSolo BlastBag range utilizes a completely non flammable CFC-free propellent(R134a) that has insignificant ozone-depleting characteristics. R134a is thepropellant of choice for products that must be completely non-flammable.

1 Dr. Nick Campbell, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) -Aerosols Technical Options Committee


  • Outer scuff bag
    Manufactured from heavy duty woven polypropylene to protect the inner bladders from abrasion and mechanical damage.
  • Gas tight bladders
    Two gas tight bladders, one inner and one outer, offer outstanding reliability. Bladders are made from ultra strong nylon reinforced co-extrusion.
  • Aerosol canister
    One piece aluminium construction for added strength.


No more hang-ups andcompletely consistent inflation times, are benefits you can look forward towhen using the
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