514680 LWDD - Light Weight Demolition Device Kit

This kit includes:514650: LWDD initiator514680-1: Custom pouch NSN: 5140-01-672-5074514680-2: Specialty wrench514690-1: Fitting for 1/8 shock tube514690-2: Fitting for 2.5mm shock tube514690-4: Fitting for 4mm shock tube

514680 Light Weight Demolition Device Kit.
NSN: 1375-01-666-6854
This kit includes:
514650: LWDD initiator
514680-1: Custom pouch NSN: 5140-01-672-5074
514680-2: Specialty wrench
514690-1: Fitting for 1/8 shock tube
514690-2: Fitting for 2.5mm shock tube
514690-4: Fitting for 4mm shock tube

Model: LWDD
Two button fire control
Under voltage lockout unit will not fire until full charge has been reached
Submersion lockout unit inhibits charging when submerged below 10 feet
Combination firing tip contains both electric terminals and shock tube adapter
Dual firing shock tube tip contains two shock tube fittings
Tether bar designed for attaching a lanyard
Daylight visible LED indicators green for battery voltage okay, and red for ready to fire
Shunted output terminals
Polycarbonate enclosure with stainless steel hardware designed to resist the elements
Easy battery replacement through an o-ring sealed screw plug
Capable of driving an electric firing pin such as the electric breech on a PAN disruptor
Easy loading, high retention output terminals accept 20 28 Gauge wire
Has passed military safety tests and is approved for operational use

Light Weight Demolition Device
Duke Pro's LWDD is a combination electric
initiator and shock tube initiator in an ultra
small package designed to fit into a pouch
for a Beretta 9mm ammo clip.
Powered by two CR-123 lithium batteries,
this model can fire up to 80 electric caps, or
thick wall, standard commercial, and mini
shock tube.  It is also capable of driving the
electric breech on PAN disruptor.

Size : 4.5 x 1.2 x 1.5
Weight : 0.385 lbs  (174 grams )
Power Requirements : Two CR123A Lithium 3 volt batteries (not included)
Charge  Time : 3~4 seconds
Output Firing Pulse Energy : 375 Volts @ 10 Joules (minimum), 11.5 Joules (typical)
Blasting Cap Capacity : 80 standard 2-ohm electric caps
Shots per Battery Set : 250
Shots per Ceramic Block Assembly : 4,000 (typical)
Color : Desert Tan
Temperature Range : 30°C ~ +85°C (electric output)
10°C ~ +85°C (shock tube output)
Accessories : Dual Shock Tube Adapter Tip (simultaneous fire)
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