HB10 Handi-Blaster II With Pouch

BTS Handi-Blaster II Kit: Handi-Blaster II Gadget PouchType of Circuitry: Solid State ElectronicFiring Voltage: 140 VDC Minimum (Nominal)Firing Energy: 1.0 Joule (w/s)Power Source: 1 Ea. 9V Alkaline Cell

BTS Handi-Blaster II Kit:   
   Handi-Blaster II
   Gadget Pouch


Pocket-sized for your convenience & weighing only 12 ounces, this units has a 10 cap capacity and uses one 9 volt battery.

An economical solution for blasting and law enforcement. The Handi-Blaster is compact and lightweight.

Case Material: H.D. Urethane
Case Size: 3"W x 1.8"D x 5.25"H
Weight: 1 lbs. 12 oz. (0.79 kg)
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs. (1.5 kg)

Type of Circuitry: Solid State Electronic
Firing Voltage: 140 VDC Minimum (Nominal)
Firing Energy: 1.0 Joule (w/s)
Power Source: 1 Ea. 9V Alkaline Cell
Battery Voltage: 1 x 9V (9V Total)
H.V. Source: Inverter, Solid State Electronic
Energy Storage: Capacitor, Special Electrolytic, H.D.
Firing Capacity: Single Series = 10 (2 Ohm) electric detonators

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