K7000 - .357 Magnum Micro Disrupter Kit

IncludesSmooth Barrel Rifled Barrel Breech (2)Red Pugs (15) Black Plugs (15) Water Bottle Shell Extractor Seating Tool Breech Spare Parts Firing Pin Tool 5/16in Nut Driver Gun Bore Cleaning Kit Red Laser Sight and Adapter (2)


.357 Magnum Micro disrupter kit

Includes 2 disrupters in .357 magnum caliber, one smooth bore and the other rifled

All 12Ga PAN rounds are available in .357 from L-Tech

Used as a precision disrupter to target individual components and avoid everything else

Can also be timed with a 12Ga PAN to create a starter hole

Very small amount of recoil

Kit does not include any initiators but does come with a stand and PAN stand adapters to mount the .357 in a standard PAN stand


  • Smooth Barrel 
  • Rifled Barrel 
  • Breech (2)
  • Red Pugs (15) 
  • Black Plugs (15) 
  • Water Bottle 
  • Shell Extractor 
  • Seating Tool 
  • Breech Spare Parts 
  • Firing Pin Tool 
  • 5/16in Nut Driver 
  • Gun Bore Cleaning Kit 
  • Red Laser Sight and Adapter (2) 
  • 6in Adjustable Wrench 
  • .125in Tube Brush 
  • 0.200in Tube Brush 
  • PAN Clamp Adapters (2) 
  • Aluminum Stand 
  • Case and Foam 

Can be purchased with optional .357 Push Lock Breech (7020PL) as an addition. Cannot swap breeches in kit (push lock breech does work on .357), push lock breech must be purchased as a separate item.

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