Kit includesBarrel 1106Breech Cap 4340Push Lock Breech Plug K4350PLShell Extractor 2010Initiator Choice (Price may vary)EIT HBR-1 (Standard) 2052EIT Scorpion SBS-T 2058Duke Pro ESI II (Out of stock) 2055Duke Pro D80 (Out


24 RD24 fully rifled disrupter kit

Fires specialty sabot rounds from L-Tech

DOES NOT fire water shots

Can hit a quarter size target at 100ft

Made for long distance standoff

Includes a picatinny rail for laser sights

Stainless steel construction

ACME breech threads keep the breech from locking on to the barrel when firing

Push lock breech plug makes inserting the shock tube easy, push in until it seats, hold down on the ring to release 

Kit includes the red laser sight and adapter, for the green laser 

Kit includes

  • Barrel 
  • Breech Cap 
  • Push Lock Breech Plug 
  • Shell Extractor 
  • Initiator / Blasting Machine
  • Omni Shock Tube Starter (non-electric) 
  • Gun Bore Cleaning Kit 
  • WD40 
  • Nut Driver 
  • Push Lock Breech Parts 
  • Red Laser Sight and Adapter 
  • Post Stand 
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