Includes:18in T3 Barrel 6in Smooth Tip 6in Rifled Tip Thread Protector ACME DS E-Breech Shell Extractor Seating Tool Red Plugs (50) Black Plugs (50) Water Bottle Gun Bore Snake Super Lube Spare E-Breech Spring Green Laser Sig


IP24/Wildcat Disrupter Drop Safe Electric Breech Kit

This unit is the same as the K102 kit but has the components of the drop safe electric breech. This does away with the shock tube (nonel) breech and spare parts in favor of the drop safe electric breech. The drop safe electric breech is more reliable, requires less maintenance, and doesnt require the disposal and purchase of shock tube. This unit still utilizes the ACME breech and can work on existing  IP24, T3, RD24, or Tactical disrupters from Ideal Products. Will NOT work on original PAN disrupters with fine thread breech, see K998DS.

The drop safe electric breech is tested and approved as a drop safe breech. It has a locking knob on the top to switch between Armed and Safe modes.


  • 18in T3 Barrel 
  • 6in Smooth Tip 
  • 6in Rifled Tip 
  • Thread Protector 
  • ACME DS E-Breech 
  • Shell Extractor 
  • Seating Tool 
  • Red Plugs (50) 
  • Black Plugs (50) 
  • Water Bottle 
  • Gun Bore Snake 
  • Super Lube 
  • Spare E-Breech Spring 
  • Green Laser Sight and Adapter
  • Soft Case
  • Card Stand 
  • Initiator - HB50 Handi Blaster
  • Continuity Tester - HT1
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