Bomb/ Mine Detector - Model: UMD-II


The UMD-II is a versatile multi-purpose detector suitable for police, military and civilian users. It addresses requirements for crime scene and area searching, explosive ordnance clearance. It is approved and used by police services around the world. The new detector introduces simplified controls, an improved ergonomic design and advanced battery management. It is weather resistant and designed to withstand extended periods of use in harsh environments while provide a high level of sensitivity.

For operator confidence, a status LED illuminates green when the unit is on and operating correctly. Target detection is indicated by an intuitive LED array and audio tone, delivered by an internal sounder or optional earpiece.

The instrument is powered with three rechargeable 'D' cells, which can continuously work for 12 hours.

The UMD-II includes easily interchangeable detection heads: a robust halo for rapid area search, a probe for searching drains, culverts, hedges and undergrowth. The electronics are assembled and tested by computer controlled equipment for a high degree of reliability and are housed in a slim, rugged and ergonomic case.


Key Features

► Target detection indicated via LED display and audio tone.

► Three preset sensitivity levels.

► Interchangeable detection heads: Halo for rapid area search, Probe for drains & culverts.

► Automatic self-test and calibration for operator confidence and ease of use. Optimized power consumption.

► Low battery indication.



Electronic Technique

Single 2.4mm PEC double surface mounted technology, the processor is based on 8-bit 2*RISC ADC (8-bit 2*instruction set AD converter)


3 LEE LR20 Manganese Alkaline Dry cell

Battery life

10-18 hours

Packing case

ABS case

Device Weight

Halo 2.1 Kg; Probe 1.65 Kg

Gross Weight

12Kg (device+case)

The detecting pole length

Halo: 1080mm~1370mm; Probe: 1135mm~1395mm

Operating and Storage temperature


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