Survey and Inventory Management Drone


Autonomous Drone Systemand Aerial Intelligence System

Anaerial intelligence autonomous drone system that integrates data capture in thefield with in-flight processing, high resolution interactive 3D site models,and easy output to popular CAD tools.


Nojoysticks. No piloting skills to learn. No integration or hardware issues todeal with. Just one price, one team to call for dedicated support, and oneaccurate system you can rely on. 

To learn more aboutthis leading UAV system that can cover hundreds of acres in minutes and deliveranalysis and reporting in just hours, please contact us for more information:

Map More Area New lighter airframe allows companies to collect aerial data forlarger sites in less time. In a single thirty-minute flight, companies can map up to150 acres, and up to 500 acres with a quick battery swap. 

Fly In Stronger Winds New flight system improvements significantly increasewind resilience, up to 25 mph continuous winds, with gusts up to 35 mph, making itpossible to operate in most conditions. 

Avoid Obstacles New onboard LiDAR automatically avoids obstacles like trees,buildings and cliffs, which enables companies to automatically fly even in morecongested areas.
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