The "Pickup Truck Bar": 47"-75" / SL-10

The "Pickup Truck Bar"Custom designed for pickup trucks,vans, and sport utility vehicles.
Life Time Warranty, click here for details.

* Adjustable from 47" to 75"
* Accommodates almost any length truck bed

The "Pickup Truck Bar"
Custom designed for pickup trucks,
vans, and sport utility vehicles.

30 day money back guarantee
Lifetime Warranty

Easy as 1...2....3....
1. Adjust to desired length.
The Pickup Bar extends from 47" to 75"
2. Pump Handle to Secure
The Pickup Bar's pressure limiting valve sets the proper pressure
3. Push Button to Release
The Pickup Bar is simply and safely released


High Friction Foot Pad

* Provides maximum adhesion to all types of surfaces, even bed liners
* Stays in place where others fail

Fits any Pickup, Van, or SUV

* Adjustable from 47" to 75"
* Accommodates almost any length truck bed

Light Weight

Integral Hydraulic Ram

Square Aluminum Tubing

Telescoping Tube Design

Bio-safe FDA approved hydraulic fluid

* Operates in environments from -35� F to 160� F

Easy Push Button Release

* Simply push a button and Save-A-Load�î Bars are instantly released every time

Low Profile Handle

* Reduces possible injury
* Compact profile for easy storage

Preset Automatic Pressure Relief Valve

* Reduces possible damage to side-walls caused by other load bars
* Limits the force that can be applied to side-walls
* Cannot be adjusted by operator
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