Mini-SuperGraph II

Sample rates up to 16k samples per secondUSB connectivity for downloading events to PCThumb drive with event synchronizationStandard event memory storage for up to 65k eventsSelf trigger (waveform)

Mini-SuperGraph II

Add GPS functionality to your upgraded seismic and sound data!


  • Sample rates up to 16k samples per second
  • USB connectivity for downloading events to PC
  • Thumb drive with event synchronization
  • Standard event memory storage for up to 65k events
  • Self trigger (waveform), Bar Graph & Combo modes standard
  • Smart Sensor technology included
  • All results displayed on one LCD screen with back light
  • Included software for automatic downloading & emailing of data (modem required)
  • Unique option to name and save setup information
  • No wait time between events so consecutive events are not missed
  • Quick and easy setup procedures
  • Complies with ISEE seismograph standards for 2015
  • 2-year warranty on parts and labor

New! Order your II with GPS! Data appears on the LCD and also map-click in SuperGraphics!

NOMIS proudly introduced the Mini-SuperGraph II in July of 2015, utilizing some exciting new features such as combo mode, USB connectivity, higher sample rates and expanded storage capability. Our units are very user friendly and come with all accessories for recording blasting, pile driving, heavy equipment vibrations, traffic or other vibrations you may want to record. Recording seismic data and sound data are critical in any construction operation. They are modem compatible (cellular, GSM, satellite, etc.) for remote operation.

Check out this article where the Mini SuperGraph II was mentioned in the Pit& This was an event put on by Vulcan in Birmingham, AL.

Whether you have a single seismograph or an entire network, SuperGraphics software provides you with the most intuitive, comprehensive set of features available to handle everything from simple reporting to complex analysis of your seismic and sound data.  The latest version is included with every new NOMIS seismograph sold.  SuperGraphics allows you to easily collect, analyze, summarize and organize data.

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