1680 Remote Firing Device - Remote Only

Small & Light WeightSame Simple Operation as Model 1678Up to 8 RemotesPoint to Point or Mesh Network Communication¾ Mile Range (Line of Sight)AAA Lithium Off the shelf BatteriesDual Output Shock Tube & Electric


  • Small & Light Weight

  • Same Simple Operation as Model 1678

  • Up to 8 Remotes

  • Point to Point or Mesh Network Communication

  • ¾ Mile Range (Line of Sight)

  • AAA Lithium Off the shelf Batteries

  • Dual Output Shock Tube & Electric

  • IP67 1 meter submersible

  • Full 2-way Communication

  • Firing and Battery Status for each Remote

  • Sequential Firing

  • Simple Unit Paring if needed






7.75 to 1 Mile Typical (LOS)

              (1.2 to 1.6 km)


900 Mhz FH Spread Spectrum

              No License Required

              Adjustable Power Up to 1 Watt

              256-bit AES Encryption

Network Options:


              Industry Canada:1846A-XBPSX

Electric Det. Temperature Range:

              -22 to -142 degrees F(-30 to +60 degrees C)

              MIL STD 810

Shock Tube Temperature Range:

23 to 140 degrees F (0 to 60 degrees C)

              MIL STD 810


5 (1.5m) Drops MIL STD 331

IP67 Ingress (1m Submersion)


              Secondary SafetyProcessor

Shunted Binding Posts

<1 Second Disarm to Safe

Automatic Disarm Timer

Controller Case Size (AntennaOff):

              5.3 x 3.1 x 1.1

              147mm x 79mm x 29mm

Controller Weight:

              8.6 Ounces (244g)

Remote Weight:

              9.0 Ounces (255g)

Tri-Level LED DisplayBrightness:

              Bright Outdoors

              Medium Indoors or LowLight

              Low Night VisionGoogles

Battery Run-Time:

              12 Hours on Standby

Maximum Number of Remotes:


Remote Fire Mode Options:

              All, individual or selectedgroups

              Immediate orsequential fire

Programmable Sequential Firing:

              From 0.5 to 4 seconds

Remote Firing Capacity:

              80 Caps or 3mm Shocktube

              (175Ohm Max resistance)


              390V @ 11.4j(Typical)

              380V @ 8.7j (Minimum)

Arm Time:

              12 Seconds (Typical)

Optional Paring Cable:

              Move Remotes BetweenDifferent Systems

User Replaceable Batteries:      

              3x Energizer LithiumAAA (L92)

              4.5V Nominal Voltage




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