F-500802-3316 Bomb Disposal Blanket w/3316 Ballistics 48" x 48", Level IIIA

Developed in cooperation with the senior members of the breacher community and designed for use during explosive and dynamic breaching missions. The Breacher Blanket protects the detonator and those stacked behind from blast pressure and fragmentation
Bomb Disposal Blanket w/3316 Ballistics 48" x 48", Level IIIA 

Currently in use by the majority of breaching schools nationwide.
Developed in cooperation with the senior members of the breacher community and designed for use during explosive and dynamic breaching missions. The Breacher Blanket protects the detonator and those stacked behind from blast pressure and fragmentation while still allowing the team close proximity to the breach site.

Threat Level:


Armor Package:

  • DuPont Air-Entangled Kevlar® 129®

Key Features:

  • (15) Different handles for easy placement and maneuvering
  • Intrinsically safe - no metal snaps/zippers to spark or frag
  • Ambidextrous handle system
  • Can also function as a litter for Medevac situations

Additional Information

NIJ 0101.04/.05 Certified

Carrier Type
  • Permanently sewn-down, 500 Denier CORDURA® cover
  • Nylon webbing straps for easy carry and deployment
Ballistic Material
  • DuPont Air-Entangled Kevlar® 129® Armor package
Ballistic Weight
  • Wt. per Sq. Ft. 19.4 oz. (549.98 g)
  • Total Weight: 32 lbs.
  • 48" x 48"

Standard Features

  • Hand loops placed around the perimeter of the blanket to enable a variety of suspension and facilitate use as an emergency litter
  • Built-in channels that can be stiffened using pre-cut PVC pipes to deploy the blanket as a static, horizontal shield
  • Large VELCRO® ID patches with "POLICE" or "SHERIFF" embroidery to have quick and highly visible identification

Ballistic Capabilities

Enforcer Classic series armor, Level IIIA, Code: USA 
  • .357 SIG (125 gr FMJ)  1809 fps/551.38 mps
  • .44 Magnum (240 gr SJHP) 1688 fps/514.50 mps
* V50 Data and special testing available


  • Ballistic panels60 months
  • Permanent Cover36 months
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