FBC - Flash Bang 12 Gauge Cartridge (Box of 25) / Does not include Flash Bang Trainer

This item is only available to police & military. Photo ID may be requested at time of purchase.

This item is only available to police & military.  Photo ID may be requested at time of purchase.

Regular shipping charges will be applied along with a Dangerous Goods charge of $25.00 per box.  This charge will be an additional charge to your order.
Primers cannot be mixed and must be shipped separately.
Note: Order enough primers to off-set the hazardous shipping charges. All hazardous materials are shipped separate from non-hazardous material.

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FBC - Replacement 12 Gauge loads for Model# FBG MkII  *** Loads Only - Flash Bang Trainer Sold Separately ***

Weapon Name:  FLASH BANG TRAINER Sound concussion Grenade 12 Gauge (Model# FBG MkII)

Description:  The FBG2 is a Revolutionary Impact Detonated Flash Bang Device which creates 175dB, 4psi of over pressure and 500K CP.   The FBG2  Flash Bang was designed to provide realistic training at a low cost per bang.

History/Background:  The Impact Flash Bang was developed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional M201 Fuse type. Standard M201 fuse type Flash Bangs have a delay of 1.5sec +/- .03 seconds, which creates uncertainty where the flashbang will detonate (anywhere from 1.2 1.8 sec). The M201 fuse is also a safety concern as they are dangerous, catch items / houses on fire and the M201 Fuse itself can become a projectile hazard.

Our Impact Flash Bang (FBG2) solves all of the problem associated with traditional M201 fuse type Flash Bangs. Our Impact Flash Bangs are not a time delay they are detonated where they strike. The operator can deploy against a Wall, Window, Slider, Car door, Car Window, Second Story, ceiling wall couch or any other object they strike. Our FBG-1 is not an explosive, and will never take off like a rocket. Our FBG2 will not become so hot they start fires, in fact they are cool to the touch upon initiation. With the FBG2 you will never have to worry about the fuse separating and injuring personnel. The FBG2 produces a loud bang with minimal smoke eliminating the operational hazard associated with smoke. The most important feature of the FBG2 is its ability to be serviced and re-loaded by the user.


Potential Targets/Applications:  Training Environments, New operator Inoculation, Individual Targets, Prison/Civil Rioters Training, Active Shooter Training, Animal Control/Conditioning. Other Training applications


Primary Users:  Law Enforcement, Military


Incapacitation Mechanism/Technology:  The FBG2 round creates 4psi of over pressure at 175dB and 500K CP brightness, producing controlled and directed impact ensures the safe deployment and use.

 Performance Characteristics:
A. Effect on target: Incapacitation caused by loss of sight, sound, orientation and/or pain and extreme discomfort.
B. Time to Effect: Instantaneous
C. Duration of Effect: several minutes
D. Effective Range: 0 75ft (limited to how far you can throw it accurately)

Documentation Requirements:  It is recommended that officers training records be annotated to indicate proper training of less lethal






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