K100PL - PAN Disrupter Unit 12ga with Push Lock Plug

Includes24in barrel Breech Shell Extractor Red plugs (50) Black Plugs (50) Water bottle WD40 Push Lock Breech Parts Firing Pin Tool Seating Tool 7/16 Nut Driver


PAN disrupter unit

12Ga, 24in barrel with a fine thread breech

Includes the components to fire the disrupter and perform maintenance (initiators and stand NOT included in unit, see the kit, K998PL, for initiator and stand)

Comes with the push lock breech K1111PL, K100 has the original ferrule nut breech

The push lock breech requires less maintenance and is easier to use compared to the original breech 


  • 24in barrel 
  • Breech 
  • Shell Extractor 
  • Red plugs (50) 
  • Black Plugs (50) 
  • Water bottle 
  • WD40 
  • Push Lock Breech Parts 
  • Firing Pin Tool 
  • Seating Tool 
  • 7/16 Nut Driver 
  • PAN Manual CD
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